Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Sound is quiet when the LCD screen is closed
facing out. Open the LCD screen.
When you record sound with [MICREF
VEL] (p.
73) set to [LOW], the recorded
sound may be difficult to hear.
Sounds cannot be recorded while shooting
The demonstration movies cannot be
played. (HDR-CX350E/CX350VE/CX370E/
Select the internal recording media for the
recording media, and the high definition
image quality (HD).
The demonstration movie is deleted.
A movie is played back automatically.
Movies play automatically as a demonstration
movie when the filmed movie fulfills a certain
tion on your camcorder (p. 83). This is
not a malfunction.
Playing back images stored on
memory card on other devices
Images cannot be played back or the
memory card is not recognized.
The playback device does not support playing
back memory cards (p. 3).
Editing movies/photos on your
Unable to edit.
Unable to edit because of the condition of the
Movies cannot be added in the Playlist.
There is no free space in the recording media.
You can add no more than 999 high definition
image quality (HD) movies, or 99 standard
definition image quality (STD) movies, to a
Playlist. Erase unnecessary movies from the
Playlist (p. 46).
You cannot add photos in the Playlist.
A movie cannot be divided.
A movie that is too short cannot be divided.
A protected movie cannot be divided.
A photo cannot be captured from a
The recording media where you want to save
photos is full.
Playback on the TV
Neither image nor sound is played on the
connected TV.
When you are using the component A/V
cable, set [COMPONENT] according to the
uirements of the connected device (p. 82).
When you are using the component video
plug, make sure the red and white plugs of the
A/V co
cting cable are connected (p. 37).
Images are not output from the HDMI OUT
jack, if copyright protection signals are
recorded in the images.
When you are using the S VIDEO plug,
make sure the red and white plugs of the A/V
nnecting cable are connected (p. 37).
The top, bottom, right, and left edges
of images are trimmed slightly on a
connected TV.
The LCD screen of your camcorder can
display recording images across the entire
screen (full pixel display). However, this may
cause slight trimming of the top, bottom, right,
and left edges of images when played back on
a TV which is not compatible with full pixel
It is recommended you record images using
he o
uter frame of [GUIDEFRAME] (p. 71)
as a guide.