Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

The “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack calculates the
power consumption according to the operating
conditions of your camcorder, and displays the
remaining battery time in minutes.
The battery pack NP-FV50 is compatible with
“ActiFORCE” is a new generation power
system. Battery capacity, boost charge, and
the speed and accuracy of battery time
remaining calculations have been improved
when compared with current “InfoLITHIUM”
P-series battery.
To charge the battery pack
Be sure to charge the battery pack before you
start using your camcorder.
We recommend charging the battery pack in an
ient temperature of between 10
C to 30 C
(50 °F to 86 °F) until the
/CHG (flash/charge)
lamp turns off. If you charge the battery pack
outside of this temperature range, you may not
be able to charge it efficiently.
To use the battery pack effectively
Battery pack performance decreases when the
ambient temperature is 10
C (50 °F) or below,
and the length of time you can use the battery
pack becomes shorter. In that case, do one
of the following to use the battery pack for a
longer time.
Put the battery pack in a pocket to warm it
up, and install it on your camcorder right
before you start taking shots.
Use a large capacity battery pack: NP-FV70/
NP-FV100 (sold separately).
Frequent use of the LCD screen or a frequent
playback, fast forward or reverse operation
wears out the battery pack faster. We
recommend using a large capacity battery pack:
NP-FV70/NP-FV100 (sold separately).
Be sure to close the LCD screen when not
recording or playing back on your camcorder.
The battery pack is also consumed when your
camcorder is in recording standby or playback
Have spare battery packs ready for 2 or 3 times
the expected recording time, and make trial
recordings before making the actual recording.
Do not expose the battery pack to water. The
battery pack is not water resistant.
About the remaining battery time
When the power goes off even though the
remaining battery time indicator indicates that
the battery pack has enough power to operate,
charge the battery pack fully again. Remaining
battery time will be indicated correctly. Note,
however, that the battery indication will not be
restored if it is used in high temperatures for
a long time, or if left in a fully charged state,
or when the battery pack is frequently used.
Use the remaining battery time indication as a
rough guide only.
The mark that indicates low battery flashes
even if there are still 20 minutes of battery
time remaining, depending on the operating
conditions or ambient temperature.
About storage of the battery pack
If the battery pack is not used for a long time,
fully charge the battery pack and use it up on
your camcorder once a year to maintain proper
function. To store the battery pack, remove it
from your camcorder and put it in a dry, cool
To discharge the battery pack on your
camcorder completely, touch
[Show others] [POWER SETTINGS]
[GENERAL SET] category)
[A.SHUT OFF] [NEVER], and leave your
camcorder in recording standby until the power
oes o
ff (p. 83).
About battery life
Battery capacity decreases over time and
through repeated use. If decreased usage time
between charges becomes significant, it is
probably time to replace it with a new one.
Each battery’s life is governed by storage,
operating and environmental conditions.