Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Operation flow
Getting started (p. 12)
Prepare the power source and memory card.
Recording movies and photos (p. 20)
Recording movies p. 20
Changing the recording mode (p. 25)
Expected recording time (MEDIA INFO, p. 79)
Shooting photos p. 22
Playing movies and photos
Playback on the camcorder p. 28
Playing images on a TV p. 36
Saving images
Saving movies and photos with a computer
Saving movies and photos in external media p. 52
ing images with a DVD writer/recorder p. 54
Deleting movies and photos (p. 39)
If you delete the image data that has been saved on your
computer or a disc, you can record new images on the free
media space again.