Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Operation flow
Getting started (p. 15)
Prepare the power source and memory card.
Recording movies and photos (p. 23)
Recording movies C p. 24
¼ Changing the recording mode
¼ Expected recording time(MEDIA INFO)
Shooting photos C p. 26
Playing movies and photos
Playback on the camcorder C p. 28
Playing images on a TV C p. 31
Saving images
Saving movies and photos with a computer C p. 36
Saving movies and photos in external media C p. 47
Saving images with a DVD writer/recorder C p. 49
Deleting movies and photos (p. 34)
If you delete the image data that has been saved on your
computer or a disc, you can record new images on the free
media space again.