Sony HD-RCX300 Camcorder Accessories User Manual

Quick reference
START/STOP button (20)
DC IN jack (12)
A/V Remote Connector (36)
Grip belt (20)
Hook for a shoulder belt
Tripod receptacle
Attach a tripod (sold separately) to the
tripod receptacle using a tripod screw (sold
separately: the length of the screw must be less
than 5.5 mm (7/32 in.)).
Memory card slot (19)
Memory card Access lamp (19)
While the lamp is lit or flashing, the
camcorder is reading or writing data.
PUSH (battery release) button (13)
Wireless Remote Commander
DATA CODE button (76)
Displays the date and time, camera setting
data, or coordinates (HDR-CX350VE/
XR350VE) of the recorded images when you
press this button during playback.
PHOTO button (23)
The on-screen image when you press this
button will be recorded as a still image.
Power zoom lever (24, 34)
PHOTO button (23)
MODE button (20)
(Movie)/ (Photo) lamps (20)
/CHG (flash/charge) lamp (12)
Battery pack (12)