Sony 4-157-878-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

On triangulating errors
• If you move to another location right after
setting the GPS switch to ON, it may take
a longer time for the camcorder to start
triangulating, compared to when you stay
in the same place.
• Error caused by the position of GPS
The camcorder automatically triangulates
your current location when the camcorder
receives radio signals from 3 or more GPS
satellites. The triangulating error allowed
by the GPS satellites is about ±10 m
(±32 feet). Depending on the environment
of the location, the triangulating error can
be greater. In this case, your actual
location may not match the location on the
map based on the GPS information.
Meanwhile, the GPS satellites are
controlled by the Unites States
Department of Defense, and the degree of
accuracy may be changed intentionally.
• Error during the triangulating process
The camcorder acquires location
information every second during
On the restriction of use of GPS on an
During take off and landing of an airplane,
set the GPS switch to OFF and turn off the
camcorder, as you will be instructed to do
by the on-board announcement. In other
cases, use GPS in accordance with the
regulations of the place or situation.
On the geographic coordinate system
The “WGS-84” geographic coordinate
system is used.
A memory card formatted by a computer
(Windows OS/Mac OS) does not have
guaranteed compatibility with your camcorder.
Data read/write speed may vary depending on
the combination of the memory card and
memory card compliant product you use.
Damaged or lost image data will not be
compensated for, and may occur in the
following cases:
If you eject the memory card, turn the power
off on your camcorder, or remove the battery
pack for replacement while your camcorder is
reading or writing image files on the memory
card (while the access lamp is lit or flashing).
If you use the memory card near magnets or
magnetic fields.
It is recommended to make a back-up of
important data on the hard disk of a computer.
Be careful not to apply excessive force when
writing on a memo area on memory card.
Do not attach a label or the like on memory card
or a memory card adaptor.
Do not touch, or allow metallic objects to come
into contact with the terminals.
Do not bend, drop or apply strong force to the
memory card.
Do not disassemble or modify the memory card.
Do not let the memory card get wet.
Be careful to keep memory card out of the reach
of small children. There is danger that a child
might swallow it.
Do not insert anything other than the compliant
size of memory card into the memory card slot.
Doing so may cause a malfunction.
Do not use or keep the memory card in the
following locations:
Places subject to extremely high temperature,
such as a car parked outside in the summer.
Places under direct sunlight.
Places with extremely high humidity or
subject to corrosive gases.
x On the memory card adaptor
When inserting memory card into a memory
card adaptor, make sure the memory card is
inserted facing in the correct direction, then
insert it all the way in. Note that improper use
may cause a malfunction.
About the memory card
Maintenance and precautions (Continued)