Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Live View Shooting
You can shoot while viewing a real-time image on the
camera’s LCD monitor or on a personal computer
screen. This is called “Live View shooting.”
When using Live View shooting, using a hard disk-type CF
card (such as MicroDrive) is not recommended.
If Live View shooting is done under direct sunlight or other high-
temperature environments, the < > icon (warning for high
temperature in the camera) may appear on the screen. If Live
View shooting continues with a high internal temperature, it may
degrade image quality. You should therefore stop Live View
shooting if the warning icon appears.
If Live View shooting continues while the < > warning icon is
displayed and the camera’s internal temperature increases, the
Live View shooting will stop automatically. Shooting will be
disabled until the camera’s internal temperature decreases.
About Remote Live View Shooting
With the provided software installed in the personal computer, you
can connect the camera to the personal computer and shoot
remotely while viewing the computer screen instead of the
camera’s viewfinder. For details, see the Software Instruction
Manual in the CD-ROM.