Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Use the <3> (Landscape) mode for wide scenery, night scenes, and
to have everything in focus from near to far. The greens and blues also
become more vivid and sharp than with <1> (Full Auto).
With a zoom lens, use the wide-angle end.
When using a zoom lens, use the wide-angle end. This will have
objects near and far in focus, better than at the telephoto end. It also
adds breadth to landscapes.
Shooting night scenes.
Since the built-in flash will be disabled, this
mode is also good for night scenes. For night
scenes, use a tripod to prevent camera
shake. If you want to photograph a person
against a night scene, set the Mode Dial to
<6> and use a tripod. (p.53)
3 Shooting Landscapes
Shooting Tips