Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

W Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)
Select and order images one by one.
Press the <I> button to display the
three-image view. To return to the single-
image display, press the <u> button.
After completing the print order, press
the <M> button to save the print
order to the CF card.
[Standard] [Both]
Press <0> and a print order for 1 copy
of the displayed image will be placed.
Then turn the <5> dial to set the
number of copies (up to 99) to be printed
for that image.
Press <0>, and the displayed image
will be included in the index print. The
<X> icon will also appear on the upper
All image
The print order for 1 copy of all the images in the CF card will be
placed. If you select Clear all, the print order for all the images in the
card will be canceled.
Print Ordering
Quantity Total images
Index icon
Check mark
Note that RAW and sRAW images will not be included in the print order
even when you set “All image.”
When using a PictBridge printer, print no more than 400 images for one
print order. If you specify more than this, all the images might not be