Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

A Customizing the Picture StyleN
For Monochrome, you can also set [Filter effect] and [Toning effect] in
addition to [Sharpness] and [Contrast].
[Filter effect]
With a filter effect applied to a
monochrome image, you can make
white clouds or green trees stand out
[Toning effect]
By applying a toning effect, you can
create a monochrome image in that
color. It can make the image look more
The following can be selected: [N:None]
[S:Sepia] [B:Blue] [P:Purple]
Monochrome Adjustment
By selecting [Default set.] in step 3, you can revert the respective
Picture Style to its default parameters.
To shoot with the Picture Style you modified, follow step 2 on the
preceding page to select the Picture Style and then shoot.
Filter Sample Effects
N: None Normal black-and-white image with no filter effects.
The blue sky will look more natural, and the white clouds will look crisper.
The blue sky will look slightly darker. The sunset will look more brilliant.
R: Red
The blue sky will look quite dark. Fall leaves will look crisper and brighter.
G: Green
Skin tones and lips will look fine. Tree leaves will look crisper and brighter.
Setting the [Contrast] to the plus side will make the filter effect more