Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Remove the cover.
When you remove the battery from
the camera, be sure to reattach the
cover to protect against short
Attach the battery.
Align the battery’s front edge with the
battery charger’s index line. While
pressing down the battery, slide it in
the direction of the arrow.
To detach the battery, follow the
above procedure in reverse.
Recharge the battery.
For CG-580
As shown by the arrow, flip out the
battery charger’s prongs and insert
the prongs into a power outlet.
For CB-5L
Connect the power cord to the charger
and insert the plug into the power outlet.
X Recharging starts automatically and
the charge lamp starts blinking in red.
The recharging time for a completely
exhausted battery is as follows:
BP-511A and BP-514: Approx. 100 min.
BP-511 and BP-512: Approx. 90 min.
The time required to recharge the
battery depends on the ambient
temperature and battery’s charge level.
The numbers and markings on the
battery charger correspond to the
table on the left.
Recharging the Battery
Battery pack slot index
Recharge Leve
Charge Lamp
0 - 50%
Blinks once per second
50 - 75%
Blinks twice per second
75 - 90%
Blinks three times
per second
90% or higher
Lights on