Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Live View ShootingN
If the [8C.Fn III -6] (AF during Live View shooting) setting is set to
[Enable], you can focus with the <p> button.
Be sure to set the lens focus mode switch to <f>, set the AF
mode to <X>, and select the center AF point.
Press <0> to the display Live
View image.
Focus the subject.
Cover the subject with the focusing
frame and press the <
> button.
X The Live View image will turn off, the
reflex mirror will go back down, and
AF will be executed.
X When focus is achieved, the beeper
will sound.
Return to the Live View image
display and shoot.
When you let go of the <p>
button, the Live View image will
Check the focus and press the
shutter button to take the picture.
Using AF to Focus
For very precise focusing, mount the camera on a tripod and magnify the
picture. Then focus manually. (p.110)
You can also use AI Servo AF or automatic/manual AF point selection.
However, if the AF point doesn’t cover the subject, you might not obtain
the desired focusing result.
You cannot take a picture during autofocusing. Take the picture only
while the Live View image is displayed.
The exposure will be set with focusing frame-linked evaluative metering.
(The metering cannot be linked with an AF point.)