Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Remove the caps.
Remove the rear lens cap and the
body cap by turning them as shown
by the arrow.
Attach the lens.
Align the EF-S lens with the camera’s
white EF-S lens mount index and turn
the lens as shown by the arrow until it
clicks in place.
When attaching a lens other than an
EF-S lens, align the lens with the red
EF lens mount index.
On the lens, set the focus mode
switch to <AF>.
If it is set to <MF>, autofocus will not
be possible.
Remove the front lens cap.
While pressing the lens release
button, turn the lens as shown by
the arrow.
Turn the lens until it stops, then
detach it.
Mounting and Detaching a Lens
Mounting a Lens
EF-S lens mount index
EF lens mount index
Detaching the Lens
When attaching or detaching the lens, take care to prevent dust from
entering the camera through the lens mount.