Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Autofocus can fail to achieve focus (the focus confirmation light <o>
blinks) with certain subjects such as the following:
Subjects difficult to focus
Low-contrast subjects
Example: Blue sky, solid-color walls, etc.
Subjects in low light
Extremely backlit and reflective subjects
Example: Car with a reflective body, etc.
Overlapping near and far objects
Example: Animal in a cage, etc.
Repetitive patterns
Example: Skyscraper windows, computer keyboards, etc.
In such cases, do one of the following:
(1) Focus an object at the same distance as the subject and lock the
focus before recomposing. (p.48)
(2) Set the lens focus mode switch to <MF> and focus manually.
Set the lens focus mode switch to
Focus the subject.
Focus by turning the lens focusing
ring until the subject looks sharp in
the viewfinder.
When Autofocus Fails
Manual Focusing
If you press the shutter button halfway during manual focusing, the active
AF point and the focus confirmation light <o> in the viewfinder will light
when focus is achieved.