Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Live View ShootingN
With the camera ready to shoot,
press <0>.
X The Live View image will appear on
the LCD monitor in real-time with
approx. 100% field of view.
With the video cable (provided)
connecting the camera to a TV set,
you can view images on the TV.
In the same way as during normal shooting through the viewfinder, you
can set the shooting functions (drive mode, ISO speed, Picture Style,
white balance, exposure compensation, AE lock, flash exposure
compensation, etc.). If you change the shooting mode during Live View
image display, the Live View image display will quit.
Displaying Live View Image on the LCD Monitor
Setting the Shooting Functions
During Live View image display, if you point the camera in a different direction, it
might throw off the correct brightness momentarily and the image might not look
right. Wait until the image stabilizes at the correct brightness before shooting.
If you shoot while the image brightness is not yet stable, the resulting image
might be overexposed or underexposed.
If the light source within the image changes, the screen might flicker. If this
happens, press <0> to end the shooting, then with the new light source in
place, press <0> again to resume shooting.
Only the metering mode cannot be changed. Focusing frame-linked
evaluative metering with the image sensor will take effect.
Continuous shooting is possible.
With the [6Live View function settings] menu’s [Metering timer], you
can change how long the metered exposure setting is to be retained.
The focus preset feature on super telephoto lenses cannot be used.