Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Handling Precautions
LCD Panel and LCD Monitor
Although the LCD monitor is manufactured with very high precision
technology with over 99.99% effective pixels, there might be a few dead
pixels among the remaining 0.01% or less pixels. Dead pixels displaying
only black or red, etc., are not a malfunction. They do not affect the images
If the LCD monitor is left on for a prolonged period, screen burn-in may occur
where you see remnants of what was displayed. However, this is only
temporarily and will disappear when the camera is left unused for a few
CF Card
The CF card is a precision device. Do not drop the CF card or subject it to
vibration. Doing so could damage the images recorded on them.
Do not store or use the CF card near anything having a strong magnetic field
such as a TV set, speakers, or magnet. Also avoid places prone to having
static electricity. Otherwise, the images recorded on the CF card might be
Do not leave the CF card in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Doing so
can warp the cards and make them unusable.
Do not spill any liquid onto the CF card.
Always store your CF cards in a case to protect the data stored on them.
Do not bend the card or subject it to any excessive force or physical shock.
Do not store the CF card in hot, dusty, or humid locations.
Lens Electrical Contacts
After detaching the lens from the camera, attach the lens
caps or put down the lens with the rear end up to avoid
scratching the lens surface and electrical contacts.
Cautions for Prolonged Use
When you shoot continuously for a prolonged period or use Live View shooting
for a long period, the camera may become hot. Although this is not a
malfunction, holding the hot camera for a long period can cause slight skin