Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

The captured image is recorded onto the CF card (sold separately).
Although the thickness is different between the Type I and Type II CF
cards, either one can be inserted into the camera. The camera is also
compatible with Microdrive (hard disk-type) and CF cards with 2 GB or
higher capacity.
Open the cover.
Slide the cover as shown by the
arrow to open it.
Insert the CF card.
As shown in the illustration, face
the label side toward you and insert
the end with the small holes into
the camera.
Inserting the CF card in the wrong
way may damage the camera.
X The CF card eject button will stick
Close the cover.
Close the cover and slide it in the
direction shown by the arrow until it
snaps shut.
X When you set the power switch to
<1> or <J>, the number of
remaining shots will be displayed on
the LCD panel.
Installing and Removing the CF Card
Installing a Card
Label side
CF card eject button
Shots remaining
The shots remaining depends on the remaining capacity of the CF card,
image-recording quality, ISO speed, etc.