Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

When bulb is set, the shutter stays open while you hold down the
shutter button completely, and closes when you let go of the shutter
button. This is called bulb exposure. Use bulb exposures for night
scenes, fireworks, the heavens, and other subjects requiring long
Set the Mode Dial to <a>.
Set the shutter speed to “buLb.”
While looking at the LCD panel, turn
the <6> dial to select “buLb.”
The next setting after “30"” is “buLb.”
Set the desired aperture and shoot.
To set the aperture, set the power
switch to <
>, and turn the <
> dial.
While you hold down the shutter
button, the exposure will continue.
The elapsed exposure time (sec.) will be
indicated on the LCD panel by the same
indicator used for the shots remaining.
Each time you press the <U> button,
the LCD panel illumination will turn on or
off (9). During a bulb exposure,
pressing the shutter button completely
will turn off the LCD panel illumination.
Bulb Exposures
U LCD Panel Illumination
Since bulb exposures have more noise than usual, the image may look
rough or grainy.
When [8C.Fn II -1] (Long exp. noise reduction) is set to [1:Auto] or
[2:On], noise generated by the bulb exposure can be reduced. (p.156)
For bulb exposures, using Remote Switch RS-80N3 or Timer Remote
Controller TC-80N3 (both sold separately) is recommended.