Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn IV -6 Add original decision data
0: Off
1: On
Data for verifying whether the image is original or not is appended to the
image automatically. When the shooting information of an image
appended with the verification data is displayed (p.117), the <L> icon
will appear.
To verify whether the image is original, the Original Data Security Kit
OSK-E3 (sold separately) is required.
C.Fn IV -7 Live View exposure simulation
0: Disable (LCD auto adjust)
1: Enable (simulates exposure)
During Live View shooting, the real-time image shows the brightness
corresponding to the exposure setting. This enables you to check the
image’s exposure right before you take the picture.
When you press the depth-of-field preview button, the simulated
exposure is displayed regardless of the C.Fn IV -7 setting. Note that in
low light or bright light, the picture’s exposure simulation might not be
displayed according to the exposure setting.
Even if 1 is set, the exposure simulation will not be displayed when flash
is used nor during bulb exposures.