Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Installing and Removing the CF Card
Open the cover.
Set the power switch to <2>.
Make sure the access lamp is off,
then open the cover.
Remove the CF card.
Press the CF card eject button.
X The CF card will come out.
Close the cover.
Removing the Card
Access lamp
When the access lamp is lit or blinking, it indicates that the images
are being written to or read by the CF card, being erased, or data is
being transferred. While the access lamp is lit or blinking, never do
any of the following. Doing so may damage the image data. It may
also damage the CF card or camera.
Shaking or banging the camera around.
Opening the CF card slot cover.
Removing the battery.
If the CF card already contains recorded images, the file number might
not start from 0001. (p.72)
If “Err CF” (Error CF) is displayed on the LCD panel, see page 43.
When holding a hard disk-type card, always hold its sides. You may
damage the card by holding its flat surfaces.
Compared to CF cards, hard disk-type CF cards are more vulnerable to
vibration and physical shock. If you use a such a card, be careful not to
subject the camera to vibration or physical shock especially while
recording or displaying images.
On the menu, if you set [1 Shoot w/o card] to [Off], it will prevent shooting
without a CF card.