Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn IV -2 AF-ON/AE lock button switch
0: Disable
1: Enable
The functions of the <p> and <A/y> buttons will be switched
with each other’s function.
C.Fn IV -3 SET button when shooting
You can assign a frequently-used function to <0>. When the camera is
ready to shoot, you can press <0>.
0: Normal (disabled)
1: Change quality
After pressing <0>, look at the LCD panel and turn the <5> dial to set
the image-recording quality directly.
2: Change Picture Style
Press <0> to display the Picture Style selection screen on the LCD
monitor. Turn the <5> dial to select a style, then press <0>.
3: Menu display
Gives the same function as the <M> button.
4: Image replay
Gives the same function as the <x> button.
C.Fn IV -4 Dial direction during Tv/Av
0: Normal
1: Reverse direction
The dial’s turning direction for setting the shutter speed and aperture
can be reversed.
In the manual exposure mode, the direction of the <6> and <5>
dials will be reversed. In other shooting modes, the <6> dial will be
reversed. The direction of the <5> dial will be the same in the manual
exposure mode and for setting exposure compensation.
When set to 1, press the <p> button to display the image index or to
reduce the image display.
If the [Live View shoot.] menu has been set to [Enable], the Live View
shooting will override any setting from 1 to 4 above. Pressing <0> will
show the Live View image instead.