Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn I -4 Bracketing auto cancel
0: On
The AEB and WB-BKT settings will be canceled if you set the power
switch to <2> or clear the camera settings. AEB will also be
canceled when the flash is ready to fire.
1: Off
The AEB and WB-BKT settings will be retained even when the power
switch is set to <2>. (When the flash is ready, AEB will be canceled.
However, the AEB amount will be retained in memory.)
C.Fn I -5 Bracketing sequence
The AEB shooting sequence and white balance bracketing sequence can
be changed.
0: 0, -, +
1: -, 0, +
C.Fn I -6 Safety shift
0: Disable
1: Enable (Tv/Av)
This works in the shutter-priority AE (Tv) and aperture-priority AE (Av)
modes. If the subject’s brightness changes suddenly and the current
shutter speed or aperture becomes unsuitable, the shutter speed or
aperture is shifted automatically to obtain a suitable exposure.
C.Fn I -7 Flash sync. speed in Av mode
0: Auto
1: 1/250 sec. (fixed)
Locks the flash sync speed to 1/250 sec. in the aperture-priority AE
mode. (Against dark backgrounds such as the night sky, the subject’s
background will look dark.)
WB Bracketing
B/A Direction M/G Direction
0 : Standard exposure
0 : Standard white balance 0 : Standard white balance
Decreased exposure
-: More blue - : More magenta
Increased exposure
+ : More amber + : More green