Sony 3-876-055-11(1) Camcorder User Manual

When connecting to your TV via a VCR
Connect your camcorder to the LINE
IN input on the VCR using the A/V
connecting cable. Set the input selector on
the VCR to LINE (VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2,
When your TV is monaural (When your TV has
only one audio input jack)
Connect the yellow plug of the A/V
connecting cable to the video input jack
and connect the white (le channel) or red
(right channel) plug to the audio input jack
of your TV or VCR.
If your TV/VCR has a 21-pin adaptor
You need the 21-pin adaptor (optional)
to connect your camcorder to a TV for
viewing recorded images (for models with
the mark printed on the bottom surface
only). is adaptor is designed for output
use only.
When the A/V connecting cable is used to
output images, images are output with SD
(standard denition) image quality.
If you connect your camcorder to the TV using
more than one type of cable to output images,
the order of priority of the TV input jacks is as
HDMI component S VIDEO video.
HDMI (High Denition Multimedia Interface)
is an interface to send both video/audio signals.
e HDMI OUT jack outputs high quality
images and digital audio.
On “Photo TV HD”
Your camcorder is compatible with “Photo
TV HD.” “Photo TV HD” allows for
highly-detailed, photo-like depiction of
subtle textures and colors. By connecting
Sony’s Photo TV HD-compatible devices
using an HDMI cable* or a component A/
V cable**, a whole new world of photos can
be enjoyed in breathtaking full HD quality.
* e TV will automatically switch to the
appropriate mode when displaying photos.
Setup of the TV will be necessary. Please refer
to the instruction manual of your Photo TV
HD-compatible TV for details.
Using “BRAVIA” Sync
You can do the playback operation with
the remote commander of your TV by
connecting your camcorder to a “BRAVIA”
Sync compatible TV launched in 2008 or
later with the HDMI cable.
1 Connect your camcorder and a
“BRAVIA” Sync compatible TV with
the HDMI cable (optional).
2 Turn on your camcorder.
e TV input is switched automatically,
and the image of your camcorder is
displayed on the TV.
3 Operate the remote commander of
the TV.
You can do the following operations.
Display (VIEW IMAGES) of
(HOME) by pressing the SYNC MENU
Display an INDEX screen, such as the
VISUAL INDEX screen, and play back the
desired movies or still images by pressing
HDMI cable