Sony 3-876-055-11(1) Camcorder User Manual

Dubbing to other devices
Connecting with the A/V connecting cable
You can dub images played back on your camcorder to other recording devices, such as
VCRs or DVD/HDD recorders. Connect the device in either of the following ways.
Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor for
this operation (p. 15). Refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices to be
Set the image quality of the movie you want to dub beforehand (p. 56).
Movies recorded with HD (high denition) image quality will be dubbed with SD (standard
denition) image quality.
To copy movies recorded with HD (high denition) image quality, install the application soware
(supplied) on your computer, and copy the images to a disc in the computer.
Since dubbing is performed via analog data transfer, the image quality may deteriorate.
A/V connecting cable (supplied)
Your camcorder and the Handycam
Station are equipped with A/V
Remote Connector or A/V OUT
jack (p. 106,107). Connect the
A/V connecting cable either to
the Handycam Station or to your
camcorder, depending on your setup.
A/V connecting cable with S VIDEO
When connecting to another device
via the S VIDEO jack, by using an A/V
connecting cable with an S VIDEO
cable (optional), higher quality images
can be produced than with an A/V
connecting cable. Connect the white
Device with an S
VIDEO jack
Device without an
S VIDEO jack
: Video/Signal ow
A/V OUT jack