Sony 3-876-055-11(1) Camcorder User Manual

Additional Information
Using your camcorder abroad
Power supply
You can use your camcorder in any
country/region using the AC Adaptor
supplied with your camcorder within the
AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range.
Viewing images recorded with HD (high
denition) image quality
In countries/regions where 1080/50i is
supported, you can view the images with
the same HD (high denition) image
quality as that of the recorded images.
You need a PAL-system-based and
1080/50i compatible TV (or monitor) with
component and AUDIO/VIDEO input
jacks. A component A/V cable or an HDMI
cable (optional) must be connected.
Viewing images recorded with SD (standard
denition) image quality
To view images recorded with SD (standard
denition) image quality, you need a PAL-
system-based TV with AUDIO/VIDEO
input jacks. An A/V connecting cable must
be connected.
On TV color systems
Your camcorder is a PAL-system-based
camcorder. If you want to view the
playback image on a TV, it must be a PAL-
system-based TV with an AUDIO/VIDEO
input jack.
System Used in
Australia, Austria, Belgium,
China, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Finland, Germany,
Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary,
Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New
Zealand, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Singapore, Slovak
Republic, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, ailand, United
Kingdom, etc.
PAL-M Brazil
PAL-N Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay.
Bahama Islands, Bolivia,
Canada, Central America,
Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,
Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Korea,
Mexico, Peru, Surinam, Taiwan,
the Philippines, the U.S.A.,
Venezuela, etc.
Bulgaria, France, Guiana, Iran,
Iraq, Monaco, Russia, Ukraine,