Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Access the Product
Speaker button Click to turn the speakers on or off.
Microphone button – Click to mute or unmute the microphone. In Simplex - speaker only mode, the Microphone and Talk
buttons must both be active to send audio to the Axis product. Click either button to stop audio transmission.
Use the slider to control the volume of the speakers and the microphone.
Half-duplex mode
The Talk/Listen button is used to switch between sending and receiving audio. The button can be congured
from the Audio tab in the AMC Control panel:
Push-To-Talk mode: Click and hold the button to talk/send. Release the button to listen.
Toggle mode: Click once to switch between talking and listening.
Simplex – speaker only mode
To send audio, the Talk and Microphone buttons must both be active. Click either button to stop audio
PTZ Controls
The Live View page also displays Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) controls. The administrator can enable/disable controls for specied users under
System Options > Security > Users.
With the PTZ Control Queue enabled the time each user is in control of the PTZ settings is limited. Click the buttons to request or
release control of the PTZ controls. The PTZ Control Queue is set up under PTZ > Control Queue.
Click the Emulate joystick mode button and click in the image to move the camera view in the direction of the
mouse pointer.
Click the Center mode button and click in the image to center the camera view on that position.
The center mode button could also be used to zoom in on a specic area. Click in the image and drag to draw a
rectangle surrounding the area to be magnied. To zoom out, rotate the mouse wheel.
Click the Ctrl panel button to open the PTZ control panel which provides additional PTZ controls.
User-dened buttons can also appear in the Control panel. See Controls on page 29.
Select the video channel or a PTZ preset position to steer the camera view to the saved position. See
Preset Positions on page 27.
Pan and Tilt bars – Use the arrows to pan and tilt the camera view, or click on a position on the bar to steer the camera view to
that position.
Zoom bar – Use the arrows to zoom in and out, or click on a position on the bar to zoom to that position.
The PTZ controls can be disabled under PTZ > Advanced > Controls, see Controls on page 29.