Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Configure the Live View Page
Configure the Live View Page
You can customize the Live View page and alter it to suit your requirements. It is possible to dene the following features of
the Live View page.
Stream Prole. See page 19.
Default Viewer for Browser. See page 25.
Viewer Settings. See page 25.
Action Buttons. These are the buttons described in Controls on the Live View Page on page 11.
User Dened Links. See page 26.
Output Buttons. See page 26.
Default Viewer for Browsers
From Live View Cong > Default Viewer select the default method for viewing video images in your browser. The product attempts
to show the video images in the selected video format and viewer. If this is not possible, the product overrides the settings and
selects the best available combination.
Browser Viewer Description
Recommended viewer in Internet Explorer (H.264/Motion JPEG).
Windows Internet Explorer
Still image Displays still images only. Click the Refresh button in your browser to view a
new image.
Server Push
Recommended viewer for other browsers (Motion JPEG).
Other browsers
Still image Displays still images only. Click the Refresh button in your browser to view a
new image.
For more information, please see the online help .
Viewer Settings
To congure options for the viewer, go to Live View Cong > Viewer Settings.
Select Show viewer toolbar to display the AXIS Media Control (AMC) or the QuickTime viewer toolbar under the video
image in your browser.
H.264 decoder installation. The administrator can disable installation of the H.264 decoder included with AXIS Media
Control. This is used to prevent installation of unlicensed copies. Further decoder licenses can be purchased from your
Axis reseller.
Select Show crosshair in PTZ joystick mode to enable a cross that will indicate the center of the image in PTZ joystick
Select Use PTZ joystick mode as default to enable joystick mode. The mode can be changed temporarily from the
PTZ control panel.
Select Enable recording button to enable recording from the Live View page. This button is available when using the
AMC viewer. The recordings are saved to the location specied in the AMC Control Panel. See AXIS Media Control
(AMC) on page 14.