Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
System Options
1. Acquire a free static IP address on the same network segment as the computer.
2. Locate the serial number (S/N) on the product label.
3. Open a command prompt and enter the following commands:
Linux/Unix syntax
arp -s <IP address> <serial number> temp
ping -s 408 <IP address>
Linux/Unix example
arp -s 00:40:8c:18:10:00 temp
ping -s 408
Windows syntax (this may require that you run the command prompt as an administrator)
arp -s <IP address> <serial number>
ping -l 408 -t <IP address>
Windows example (this may require that you run the command prompt as an administrator)
arp -s 00-40-8c-18-10-00
ping -l 408 -t
4. Check that the network cable is connected and then restart the product by disconnecting and reconnecting power.
5. Close the command prompt when the product responds with Reply from or similar.
6. Open a browser and type http://<IP address> in the Location/Address eld.
For other methods of assigning the IP address, see the document Assign an IP Address and Access the Video Stream on Axis Support
web at
To open a command prompt in Windows, open the Start menu and type cmd in the Run/Search eld.
To use the ARP command in Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista, right-click the command prompt icon and select
Run as administrator.
To open a command prompt in Mac OS X, open the Terminal utility from Application > Utilities.
AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS)
AVHS used in conjunction with an AVHS service, provides easy and secure Internet access to live and recorded video accessible from
any location. For more information and help to nd a local AVHS Service Provider go to
The AVHS settings are congured under System Options > Network > TCP IP > Basic. The possibility to connect to an AVHS service
is enabled by default. To disable, clear the Enable AVHS box.
One-click enabled - Press and hold the product’s control button (see Hardware Overview on page 7 ) for about 3 seconds to
connect to an AVHS service over the Internet. Once registered, Always will be enabled and the Axis product stays connected to
the AVHS service. If the product is not registered within 24 hours from when the button is pressed, the product will disconnect
from the AVHS service.
Always - The Axis product will constantly attempt to connect to the AVHS service over the Internet. Once registered the product will
stay connected to the service. This option can be used when the product is already installed and it is not convenient to use the
one-click installation.
AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service
AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service assigns a host name for easy access to the product. For more information, see