Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Configure the Live View Page
User Dened Links
To display user-dened links in the Live View page, select the Show custom link option, give the link a name and then enter the URL
to link to. When dening a web link do not remove the 'http://' from the URL address. Custom links can be used to run scripts or
activate external devices connected to the product, or they can link to a web page. Custom links dened as cgi links will run the
script in the background, in a hidden frame. Dening the link as a web link will open the link in a new window.
Output Buttons
External I/O devices connected to the Axis product’s output ports can be controlled directly from the Live View page.
To display output buttons in the Live View page:
1. Go to Setup > Live View Cong.
2. Under Output Buttons, select the type of control to use:
- Pulse activates the output for a dened period of time. The pulse time can be set from 1/100 second to 60
- Active/Inactive displays two buttons, one or each action.
To congure the active and inactive states, go to System Options > Ports & Devices > I/O Ports and set the port’s Normal state.
For more information about I/O ports, see I/O Ports on page 58.