Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
- Recurrence – Trigger the rule periodically. See Set Up Recurrences on page 43. This can for example be used to
upload an image every 5 minutes.
- Use Schedule – Trigger the rule according to the selected schedule. See Create Schedules on page 43.
Available actions include:
Output Port – Activate an I/O port to control an external device.
Overlay Text – Display an overlay text. See Use Overlay Text in an Action Rule on page 22.
Play Audio Clip See Audio Clips on page 24.
PTZ Control
- Preset Position – Go to a preset position.
- Guard Tour – Start a guard tour. See Guard Tour on page 27.
Record Video – Record video and audio to a selected storage. To record audio, use AAC audio encoding and make sure that
audio is enabled in the selected stream prole.
Send Images Send images to a recipient.
Send Notication – Send a notication message to a recipient.
Send SNMP Trap Send an SNMP trap message to the operator. Make sure that SNMP is enabled and congured
under System Options > Network > SNMP.
Send Video Clip Send a video clip to a recipient.
Status LED – Flash the LED indicator. This can for example be used to validate triggers such as motion detection during
product installation and conguration.
Add Recipients
The product can send media les and messages to notify users about events. Before the product can send media les or notication
messages, you must dene one ore more recipients. For information about available options, see Recipient Types on page 41.
To add a recipient:
1. Go to Events > Recipients and click Add.
2. Enter a descriptive name.
3. Select a recipient Type.
4. Enter the information needed for the recipient type.
5. Click Test to test the connection to the recipient.
6. Click OK.
Recipient Types
The following recipients are available: