Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
System Options
Click Default to reset all settings, including the IP address, to the factory default values. This button should be used with caution. The
Axis product can also be reset to factory default using the control button, see Reset to Factory Default Settings on page 60.
To identify the product or test the Status LED, click Flash LED under Identify and specify the duration in seconds, minutes or hours.
This can be useful for identifying the product among other products installed in the same location.
For information about rmware upgrade, see Upgrade the Firmware on page 61.
Support Overview
The System Options > Support > Support Overview page provides information on troubleshooting and contact information,
should you require technical assistance.
See also Troubleshooting on page 61.
System Overview
To get an overview of the Axis product’s status and settings, go to System Options > Support > System Overview. Information that
can be found here includes rmware version, IP address, network and security settings, event settings, image settings and recent log
items. Many of the captions are links to the proper Setup page.
Logs & Reports
The System Options > Support > Logs & Reports page generates logs and reports useful for system analysis and troubleshooting. If
contacting Axis Support, please provide a valid Server Report with your query.
System Log - Provides information about system events.
Access Log - Lists all failed attempts to access the product. The Access Log can also be congured to list all connections to the
product (see below).
Server Report - Provides information about the product status in a pop-up window. The Access Log is automatically included
in the Server Report.
You can view or download the server report. Downloading the server report creates a .zip le that contains a complete server report
text le in UTF–8 format. Select the Include snapshot with default image settings option to include a snapshot of the product’s Live
View. The server report .zip le should always be included when contacting support.
Parameter List - Shows the product's parameters and their current settings. This may prove useful when troubleshooting or
when contacting Axis Support.
Connection List - Lists all clients that are currently accessing media streams.
Crash Report - Generates an archive with debugging information. The report takes several minutes to generate.
Scripting allows experienced users to customize and use their own scripts.
Improper use may cause unexpected behavior and loss of contact with the Axis product.
Axis strongly recommends that you do not use this function unless you understand the consequences. Axis Support does not provide
assistance for problems with customized scripts.