Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Media Streams
<ip>= IP address
The Axis product supports QuickTime 6.5.1 and later.
QuickTime may add latency to the video stream.
It may be possible to use other players to view the H.264 stream using the paths above, although Axis does not guarantee
Access Audio Streams
The Live View page provides access to audio through AXIS Media Control; in addition audio can be accessed in the following ways:
VAPIX® Application Programming Interface (API) For more information, visit
Windows Media Player supports simplex audio. The following paths can be used:
- Unicast via RTP: axrtpu://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp
- Unicast via RTSP: axrtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp
- Unicast via RTSP, tunneled via HTTP: axrtsphttp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp
- Multicast: axrtpm://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp
supports G.711 and AAC audio encoding. The following paths can be used:
- rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp
- rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.3gp