Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Hardware Overview
Digital output – For connecting external devices such as relays and LEDs. Connected devices can be activated by the
VAPIX® Application Programming Interface, output buttons on the Live View page or by an Action Rule. The output will
show as active (shown under System Options > Ports & Devices) if the alarm device is activated.
Digital input – An alarm input for connecting devices that can toggle between an open and closed circuit, for example:
PIRs, door/window contacts, glass break detectors, etc. When a signal is received the state changes and the input becomes
active (shown under System Options > Ports & Devices).
Power Connector
2-pin terminal block for power input. Use a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) compliant limited power source (LPS) with either a rated
output power limited to 100 W or a rated output current limited to 5 A.
Audio Connector
The Axis product has the following audio connectors:
Audio in (pink) – 3.5 mm input for a mono microphone, or a line-in mono signal.
Audio out (green) – 3.5 mm output for audio (line level) that can be connected to a public address (PA) system or an
active speaker with a built-in amplier. A stereo connector must be used for audio out.
For audio in, the left channel is used from a stereo signal.
RS485/RS422 Connector
Two terminal blocks for RS485/RS422 serial interface used to control auxiliary equipment such as pan-tilt devices.
SD Card Slot
Risk of damage to SD card. Do not use sharp tools or excessive force when inserting or removing the SD card.
Risk of data loss. To prevent data corruption, the SD card should be unmounted before removal. To unmount, go to Setup >
System Options > Storage > SD Card and click Unmount.
This product supports microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC cards (not included).
For SD card recommendations, see
Control Button
For location of the control button, see Hardware Overview on page 7 .
The control button is used for:
Resetting the product to factory default settings. See page 60.
Connecting to an AXIS Video Hosting System service. See page 51. To connect, press and hold the button for about 3
seconds until the Status LED ashes green.
Connecting to AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service. See page 51. To connect, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds.
LED Indicators
The Status LED can be congured to ash while an event is active.
The Status LED can be congured to ash for identifying the unit. Go to Setup > System Options > Maintenance .