Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)
Device Settings
The Device Settings window displays driver specic settings. The appearance of this window can vary depending on the driver
installed. Options that can be congured include:
Driver Specic Settings for Video Source
Mechanical Limits for Moving Video Source
Light Control Video Source
Extended Driver Specic Settings for Video Source
For download and installation information about PTZ drivers for your Axis product please visit
Advanced PTZ settings can be congured under PTZ > Advanced > Controls.
The Panel Shortcut Command Buttons list shows the user-dened buttons that can be accessed from the Live View page’s Ctrl
panel. These buttons can be used to provide direct access to commands issued using the VAPIX® application programming interface.
Click Add to add a new shortcut command button.
The following PTZ controls are enabled by default:
Pan control
Tilt control
Zoom control
To disable specic controls, deselect the options under Enable/Disable controls.
Disabling PTZ controls will not affect preset positions. For example, if the tilt control is disabled, the product can still move to
preset positions that require a tilt movement.
Control Queue
The administrator can enable and disable PTZ controls for selected users.
To identify different users in the viewer group, cookies must be enabled on the client.
The Control queue polltime is measured in seconds. For more information see the online help .
The administrator can set up a queue for PTZ controllers from PTZ > Control Queue. Once set up, the PTZ Control Queue buttons
appear in the Live View page offering one viewer exclusive control for a limited period of time. Other users will be placed in queue.
A user who belongs to a group (see Users on page 47) with a higher PTZ priority can go before other users in the queue and take
control of the product. The order of priority is as follows:
1. Administrator — An administrator takes over PTZ control regardless of who is rst in queue. The administrator will be
removed from the queue 60 seconds after the last PTZ control command.
2. Event — The Axis product can be congured to go to a preset position when triggered by an alarm (see Events on page 39).
The event will immediately be placed rst in the queue except when an administrator is in control.
3. Operator — Same as administrator but with lower priority