Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)
4. Select an available preset position and click Apply.
5. Specify the Move Speed.
6. Specify the View Time in seconds or minutes.
7. Specify the View Order or select the Random view order option.
8. Click Save.
To modify or remove guard tours, go to PTZ > Guard Tour, select the guard tour in the Guard Tour List and click Modify/Remove.
For products that support Limited Guard Tour, the product has a xed minimum view time
For more information see the online help
Tour Recording
The guard tour function in this product includes tour recording, which allows recording of a custom tour using an input device such as
a joystick, mouse, keyboard or through the VAPIX® Application Programming Interface (API). A recorded tour is a replay of a recorded
sequence of Pan/Tilt/Zoom movements, including their variable speeds and lengths.
1. Go to PTZ > Guard Tour and click Add.
2. Select Create a record tour and click OK.
3. Enter a descriptive name.
4. Specify the pause length between runs.
5. Click
to start recording the Pan/Tilt/Zoom movements.
6. When satised, click .
7. Click OK.
Only the name of the recorded tour and pause between runs can be modied. Starting a new recording will overwrite the
existing guard tour.
The recorded tour can be activated from the Live View and Guard Tour pages or through events. For more information see the
online help .
Install PTZ Driver
This Axis product supports several PTZ devices. Please see for a complete list of supported devices, and to obtain the
correct driver. To install a PTZ device you need to install the PTZ driver.
To install the PTZ driver go to PTZ> Driver Selection. Browse to nd the driver (e.g. driver.ptz) and Upload. If the driver was
successfully uploaded, it appears in the Select driver to use drop-down list. From this drop-down list, select the driver to install
or remove, and click Save.
Select Activate PTZ to enable PTZ. The address of the connected device appears against Device ID. Choose the Device type from the
drop-down list. To nd which device type to use, consult the documentation supplied by the PTZ driver.
To complete the installation go to System Options > Ports & Devices > COM Port and verify the settings.