Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Problems with streaming H.264
Problems with AXIS Media
Control (Internet Explorer
To enable the updating of video images in Internet Explorer, set the browser to allow ActiveX
controls. Also, make sure that AXIS Media Control is installed on your computer.
No H.264 displayed in the
Check that the relevant H.264 connection methods and correct interface are enabled in the AMC
Control Panel (streaming tab). See AXIS Media Control (AMC) on page 14.
In the AMC Control Panel, select the H.264 tab and click Set to default H.264 decoder.
Check that RTSP is enabled under System Options > Network > TCP/IP > Advanced.
Multicast H.264 only
accessible by local clients
Check if your router supports multicasting, or if the router settings between the client and the
product need to be congured. The TTL (Time To Live) value may need to be increased.
No multicast H.264
displayed in the client
Check with your network administrator that the multicast addresses used by the Axis product
are valid for your network.
Check with your network administrator to see if there is a rewall preventing viewing.
Poor rendering of H.264
Ensure that your graphics card is using the latest driver. The latest drivers can usually be
downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
Color saturation is different
in H.264 and Motion JPEG
Modify the settings for your graphics adapter. Refer to the adapter’s documentation for more
Lower frame rate than
See Performance Considerations on page 69.
Reduce the number of applications running on the client computer.
Limit the number of simultaneous viewers.
Check with the network administrator that there is enough bandwidth available.
Check in the AMC Control Panel (H.264 tag) that video processing is NOT set to Decode only
key frames.
Lower the image resolution.
Status and Network indicator LEDs are ashing red rapidly
Hardware failure
Contact your Axis reseller.
Product does not start up
Product does not start up If the product does not start up keep the network cable connected and re-insert the power cable
to the midspan.
Video and image problems, general
Image unsatisfactory
Check the video stream and camera settings under Setup > Video & Audio > Video Stream and
Setup > Video & Audio > Camera Settings.