Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Video and Audio
Overlays are used to provide extra information, such as forensic video analysis or during product installation and conguration.
Overlays are superimposed over the video stream.
An overlay text can display the current date and time, or a text string.
When using a text string, modiers can be used to display information such as the current bit rate or the current frame rate.
For information about available modiers, see File Naming & Date/Time Formats in the online help
It is also possible to display text when an action rule is triggered, see Use Overlay Text in an Action Rule.
To enable overlays:
1. Go to Video & Audio > Video Stream and select the Image tab.
2. To include an overlay image, select Include overlay image at the coordinates. The overlay image must rst be uploaded to
the Axis product, see Overlay Image.
3. To include date and time, select Include date and Include time.
4. To include a text string, select Include text and enter the text in the eld. Modiers can be used, see File Naming &
Date/Time Formats in the online help
5. Dene text overlay characteristics in the relevant elds.
6. Click Save.
To modify the date and time format, go to System Options > Date & Time. See Date & Time on page 49.
Overlay Image
An overlay image is a static image superimposed over the video stream. The image, for example a company logo, is used to provide
extra information or to mask a part of the image.
Since it is static, the position and size of an overlay image will remain the same regardless of resolution and Pan/Tilt/Zoom movements.
Use a privacy mask to set up a dynamic mask which will always mask the specied part of monitored area.
For more information about privacy masks, see Privacy Mask on page 22.
To use an overlay image, the image must rst be uploaded to the Axis product. The uploaded image should be a Windows 24-bit BMP
image with maximum 250 colors. The image width and height, in pixels, must be exactly divisible by 4 and cannot be larger than the
maximum image resolution. If combining text and image overlays, take into consideration that the text overlay occupies 16 or 32
pixels in height (depending on the resolution) and has the same width as the video image.
To automatically scale the image to the resolution used by the Axis product, select the option Scale with resolution from the
Transparency Settings page which is displayed when uploading in the image.
To upload an overlay image:
1. Go to Video & Audio > Overlay Image.
2. Click Browse and browse to the le.
3. Click Upload.
4. The Transparency Settings page is now displayed: