Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
5. Enter the user ID and password for the email account.
6. Click Test to send a test email.
To set up an email recipient using for example a corporate email server, follow the instructions above but select User dened as
Provider. Enter the email address to appear as sender in the From eld. Select Advanced settings and specify the SMTP server
address, port and authentication method. Optionally, select Use encryption to send emails over an encrypted connection. The server
certicate can be validated using the certicates available in the Axis product. For information on how to upload certicates,
see Certicates on page 49.
Create Schedules
Schedules can be used as action rule triggers or as additional conditions, for example to record video if motion is detected outside
ofce hours. Use one of the predened schedules or create a new schedule as described below.
To create a new schedule:
1. Go to Events > Schedules and click Add.
2. Enter a descriptive name and the information needed for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.
3. Click OK.
To use the schedule in an action rule, select the schedule from the Schedule drop-down list in the Action Rule Setup page.
Set Up Recurrences
Recurrences are used to trigger action rules repeatedly, for example every 5 minutes or every hour.
To set up a recurrence:
1. Go to Events > Recurrences and click Add.
2. Enter a descriptive name and recurrence pattern.
3. Click OK.
To use the recurrence in an action rule, rst select Time from the Trigger drop-down list in the Action Rule Setup page and then
select the recurrence from the second drop-down list.
To modify or remove recurrences, select the recurrence in the Recurrences List and click Modify or Remove.