Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
AF (auto-focus) ··· A function for automatically
focusing your camera.
AE ··· A function for automatically setting your
camera’s exposure.
AF/AE lock ··· Locking of the focus and exposure
DCF (Design rule for Camera File System)
A file system standard defined by the JEIDA (Japan
Electronic Industry Development Association) that is
required for exchanging data between digital still
cameras or a digital camera and a printer. This
standard defines the hierarchy and file names used
when storing image files on memory cards or other
recording medium.
Exif File Format (Exchangeable Image File Format)
A color still image format for digital still cameras
approved by the JEIDA (Japan Electronic Industry
Development Association). JPEG-compliant, this
format is compatible with TIFF and JPEG and can be
used in image processing software for most personal
A file format used for compressing and saving color
images. The compression ratio can be selected, but
the higher the compression ratio, the worse image
quality becomes. This format is widely used in the
paint software for PCs and on the Internet.
PC Card
A generic term for cards that meet the PC Card
Red-Eye Effect
The phenomenon where people’s eyes sometimes
appear red in the picture when you use a flash to
photograph them in low-light conditions. This is
caused by the light of the flash reflecting off the
inside of the eye.
White Balance
When the brightness of the light changes, the human
eye adapts so that a white object still looks white. On
the other hand, devices such as digital still cameras
see a white subject as white by first adjusting the
balance to suit the color of the ambient light around
the subject. This adjustment process is referred to as
matching the white balance.
Name of a recording medium defined by the SSFDC
Forum. This recording medium can be used over and
over again.
Transforming the contents of the SmartMedia™ to a
recordable state. (This is sometimes called
Exposure Compensation
When the screen contains an extremely bright or dark
object, the camera automatically adjusts the
brightness, resulting in the subject being reproduced
darker or lighter. Exposure compensation adjusts for