Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Basic Photographic Settings (SET-UP mode) (continued)
About Image Numbers and Folders
The image number assigned to the [ ] of the inserted SmartMedia™ starting from 0001.
The image number is assigned as a continuous number from the next number following the largest
number in the [ ] folder.
The largest image number is 9999. When this number is reached, format the SmartMedia™.
All moving image data is recorded to the [ ] folder.
When you use SmartMedia™ that was used for taking photographs on another camera, or swap
between two or more SmartMedia™, the image number is assigned according to the state of the
The image No. for copying
Copying Images
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When images are copied, the image No. of the copy destination becomes as follows.
Still images: A new folder is created, and the image is copied using the image No. of the copy
Moving images: The image No. is not copied.
When the copy destination SmartMedia™ contains a [ ] folder, the image No. is
assigned to the image taking the number following the largest No. in the [ ] folder.
When the SmartMedia™ does not contain a [ ] folder, a new [ ] folder is
created, and the image No. is assigned to the image from 0001.
Sets whether or not to return the settings in the SET UP menu to their defaults.
[CANCEL] : Does not return settings to their defaults.
[OK] : Returns settings to their defaults.