Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
About SmartMedia™
“SmartMedia™” is a storage medium for saving images that you have photographed. Even if the camera’s power is
turned OFF, the images saved on the SmartMedia™ are not erased. SmartMedia™ can be repeatedly read and
SmartMedia™ having the following storage capacity can be used on your camera.
2MB /4MB/8MB (standard accessory)/16MB/32MB/64MB (all 3.3 V types)
You can also connect the PC card adapter and floppy disk adapter (
Page 105) sold separately to transfer
images to a PC.
Notes on SmartMedia™
Recorded data may be erased (destroyed) in the situations listed below. Note that Toshiba Corporation
accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss (destruction) of recorded data in these situations:
- When the SmartMedia™ is used incorrectly by the user or a third party
- When the SmartMedia™ is exposed to static electricity or electrical noise
- When the SmartMedia™ is removed or the camera is then switched OFF during data recording,
data erasing, frame advance when images are being played back or during formatting of the
We recommend copying and saving important data onto another storage medium (floppy disk, hard
disk, MO disk, etc.).
Never remove the SmartMedia™ or switch the camera OFF during data recording or during data
erasing (SmartMedia™ formatting). These actions might damage the SmartMedia™.
Use only the SmartMedia™ specified for use with the PDR-M5. The use of other SmartMedia™ could
damage the camera.
SmartMedia™ are precision electronic devices. Do not bend, drop, or subject SmartMedia™ to
excessive shocks. Also, do not carry SmartMedia™ in locations such as a trouser pocket. This might
subject the SmartMedia™ to excessive force when you sit down, damaging the SmartMedia™.
Do not use or store SmartMedia™ in environments likely to be affected by strong static electricity or
electrical noise.
Do not use or store SmartMedia™ in very hot, humid or corrosive environments.