Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Enlarging Photographed Images (Zoom Playback)
Enlarges selected portions of images being played back 2.5 times or 5 times actual size. Images can be displayed
enlarged when being played back one image at a time.
Movies and images photographed in the multi mode (
Page 57) cannot be displayed using the zoom playback
Set the mode dial to [ ].
The last image frame appears on the LCD monitor.
Use the or buttons to select the frame you want to enlarge.
You can also select the image by the same operation as for thumbnail playback (
Page 74).
Adjust the zoom ratio by the Zoom key.
Pressing the Telephoto (zoom) key sequentially zooms from 2.5X to
Pressing the Wide key reduces the ratio one step at a time.
The image is displayed enlarged, and a white frame and green frame
are displayed on the LCD monitor.
The white frame indicates the entire image, while the green frame
shows the location of the currently enlarged area.
Use the , , or buttons to select the area to
Adjust the display area to enlarge while viewing the white and green
To return to the regular display, press the ENTER button.
The scale applied during zoom playback is the scale applied when the photograph is taken on this
camera. When you play back an image taken on another camera, the scale to be applied may vary.
Entire image Current
position of