Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 63 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Taking Photographs Manually (Manual Photography) (continued)
Effective Subjects and Set Values
Positive (+) Compensation
Copying of printed text (black characters on white paper) (+1.5)
Backlit portraits (+0.6 to +1.5)
Very bright scenes (such as snowfields) and highly reflective subjects (+0.9)
Shots made up predominantly of sky (+0.9)
Negative (–) Compensation
Spotlit subjects, particularly against dark backgrounds (–0.6)
Copying of printed text (white characters on black paper) (–0.6)
Scenes with low reflectivity, such as shots of green or dark foliage (–0.6)
A.V. (Aperture value selection)
You can fix the aperture to [F3.5] or [F7.6]. The appropriate shutter speed is set automatically to
match the aperture that you set.
When the aperture is set to [F3.5] or [F7.6], some subjects become too light or too dark. If this
happens, set to [AUTO].
[AUTO] : Automatic (default)
[F3.5] : Aperture 3.5
[F7.6] : Aperture 7.6