Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Compose the picture.
Press the shutter button down half way, and press it down fully.
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When you are not using the flash, press the flash unit down to fit it into the camera body.
In this mode, the flash fires automatically according to the photography conditions. This mode is ideal for
general photography where you are not trying to achieve any particular effect (when using macro photography,
the flash does not fire).
[ ] Red-Eye Reduction
Use this mode to avoid the red-eye effect (
Additional Information, Glossary) when photographing people in
low-light conditions.
The flash emits a pre-flash just before the picture is taken and then flashes again to take the actual picture.
Red-eye is reduced more effectively if the camera is pointed at the line of sight of the subject at as close a
distance as possible.
[ ] Forced Flash
In this mode, the flash always fires. Use the Forced Flash mode to shoot pictures in artificial light (backlighting,
fluorescent lighting, etc.).
The flash also fires during macro photography.
[ ] Suppressed Flash
Use the Suppressed Flash mode when you are taking pictures in indoor lighting at distances too great for the
flash to have any effect, such as theater performances or indoor sporting events.
[ ] [ ] Slow Synchro
The flash is fired at a slower shutter speed.
This flash mode is effective when shooting pictures so that not only the subject but also the background are
both clearly reproduced in artificial light (backlighting, fluorescent lighting, etc.) or with people against the
night as a background scene.
Photography Using the Flash (Flash photography) (continued)