Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 12 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Using Your Camera Correctly
Notes On Handling Your Camera
When you use your camera, carefully read and strictly observe the Safety Precautions from page 6 onwards and
the notes described below.
Avoid using or storing the camera in the following places:
Places subject to humidity, dust and dirt
Places subject to direct sunlight
Places subject to high or low temperature
Places filled with highly flammable gas
Places near gasoline, benzene or paint thinner
Places subject to strong vibrations
Places subject to smoke or steam
Places subject to strong magnetic fields (such as near motors, transformers or magnets)
Places contacting chemicals such as pesticides or next to rubber or vinyl products for long periods
Do not expose the camera to sand.
The PDR-M5 is particularly sensitive to sand. If the camera comes into contact with sand, not only will the
camera become damaged, it will also no longer be repairable.
Pay special attention when using the camera at the beach or where sand or sand dust is likely to be
Notes On Condensation
Due to a sudden change in temperature, such as when you move the camera from a cold location to a
warm one, water droplets (condensation) may form on the inside of the camera or on the lens. When this
occurs, switch the camera OFF, and wait an hour before using the camera. Condensation may also form
on the SmartMedia™ card. If this happens, remove the SmartMedia™, wipe off any water droplets and
wait a short time before using it again.