Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Basic Photographic Settings (SET-UP mode) (continued)
Sets the display color for the REC MENU, PLAY MENU and SET UP menu.
[WHITE] (default) : Blue and white
[GREEN] : Orange and green
IMAGE number
Sets whether or not to reset the image number when you take photographs.
Resetting of image numbers is supported only for the still image mode.
To reset movie image numbers, you must delete the entire folder (
Page 88).
[CANCEL] : Does not reset the image number.
[DEFAULT] : Reset the image number.
About Still Image Numbers and Folder Numbers
When the image number is reset, a number starting from 0001 is assigned to an empty folder having
the smallest number of the SmartMedia™ that is inserted.
The folder number varies according to the state of the inserted SmartMedia™. To also reset the folder
number, format the SmartMedia™ first and reset the image number.
A running number continuing from the last photographed image is assigned as the image number
regardless of whether or not only one image or all images were erased. A folder is assigned as a
running number in the same way.
The largest image number is 9999. When this number is reached, a new folder is created, and the
image number is assigned starting from 0001.
Selecting the FOLDER
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The largest folder number is 999. When the folder number reaches 999, format the SmartMedia™.
When you use SmartMedia™ that was used for taking photographs on another camera, or swap
between two or more SmartMedia™, the data held by this camera is given priority as the image
number The folder number is assigned according to the state of your camera or the SmartMedia™.