Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 86 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Erases images one image at a time.
Note, however, that images cannot be erased when they are protected (
Page 90) or the SmartMedia™ is write-
protected (
Page 34).
Set the mode dial to [ ], [ ] or [ ].
When [ ] is selected, the last image frame or the thumbnail display appears on the LCD monitor.
When [ ] is selected, use the or buttons to select the image to be erased.
When [ ] or [ ] is selected, the last image is selected.
Press the erase button.
[FRAME] or [LAST] is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.
Use the or buttons to select [EXEC], and press
the ENTER button.
This erases the image and returns to the previous mode.
To cancel erasing of image data, select [CANCEL].
Erasing Images (Erase Frame)