IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 99
Starting Netfinity Manager
To start Netfinity Manager:
1. Open the Netfinity Manager folder or program group.
During installation of Netfinity Manager, a Netfinity
Manager folder (OS/2, Windows 95, or Windows NT
4.0 only) or a Netfinity Manager program group (Win-
dows NT 3.51 only) was added to the Desktop. The
Netfinity Manager folder or program group contains the
Netfinity Manager Service Manager object.
a. In your Netfinity Manager folder or program group
is a document titled
Read Me First
, which contains
information about Netfinity Manager that might not
be covered in your documentation.
b. The Netfinity Manager folder also contains the
Network Driver Configuration object, which you
can use to reconfigure your network protocols and
system keywords, and the Netfinity Manager
Database Tables object, which contains a handy
online reference for all of the data tables in the
Netfinity Manager database. For more information
on Netfinity Manager database support see “Net-
finity Manager database support” on page 87.
c. The Netfinity Manager folder also contains a Net-
finity Database Administration object. You can use
Netfinity Database Administration to configure
Netfinity Manager database support. For more
Oracle Version 7.3 No No
Oracle Version 8.0 No No
Sybase SQL Version
No No
Note: The above applies to Netfinity Manager Release
5.2.0 and later.
Table 16. Supported Netfinity Databases for OS/2.
Reference by operating system and database client
Product OS/2 Warp
OS/2 Warp