IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

102 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
Critical File Monitor
Critical File Monitor can warn you whenever critical system
files on the system are deleted or altered. Critical File Moni-
tor makes it simple to generate Netfinity alerts when an
important System File (such as the CONFIG.SYS file)
changes date, time, size, or when it is deleted or created.
Critical File Monitor can also be used to monitor any other
files that reside on a Netfinity Manager system.
DMI Browser
DMI Browser enables you to examine information about the
DMI-compliant hardware and software products installed in
or attached to the system.
ECC Memory Setup
The ECC Memory Setup allows for monitoring of ECC mem-
ory single-bit errors, and can automatically "scrub," or cor-
rect, the ECC memory when errors are detected. Also, a
running count of single-bit errors can be kept, and can set a
single-bit error threshold that will cause a nonmaskable
interrupt (NMI) if the ECC single-bit error threshold is
exceeded. This service is available for both stand-alone and
network use by any system that has ECC memory.
Event Scheduler
Use Event Scheduler to automate many Netfinity Manager
services. With Event Scheduler, you can automatically
gather and export System Information Tool, System Profile,
and Software Inventory data, distribute or delete files, restart
systems, execute commands, and access and manage Sys-
tem Partitions on all of the Netfinity Manager systems on the
network. Scheduled events can be performed one time only,
or can be performed according to a user-defined schedule.
File Transfer
Use the File Transfer service to easily send, receive, or
delete files or entire directories to and from remote Netfinity
Manager systems on the network.
Power-On Error Detect
The Power-On Error Detect service can warn you immedi-
ately when a remote Netfinity Manager system has start-up
problems, enabling you to react quickly to problems and
minimize downtime.
Predictive Failure Analysis
The Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) service enables con-
tinual monitoring and managing of PFA-enabled hard disk
drives. A PFA-enabled hard disk drive features hardware
designed to help detect drive problems and predict drive fail-
ures before they occur, thus enabling you to avoid data loss
and system downtime.
Process Manager
Use Process Manager to view detailed information about all
processes that are currently active on any system. It is also
possible to stop or start processes and generate Netfinity
Manager alerts if a process starts, stops, or fails to start
within a specified amount of time after system startup.
RAID Manager
The RAID Manager service can monitor, manage, and con-
figure an assortment of Redundant Arrays of Independent