IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 105
System Profile
The System Profile provides a convenient notebook of perti-
nent data about a particular user or system. It features
many predefined fields for extensive user-specific data,
including name, address, office number and location, and
phone number. System Profile also includes many pre-
defined fields for system-specific data that might not be
available to the System Information Tool, including model
and serial numbers and date of purchase. Finally, there are
many user-definable miscellaneous fields that can be used
to hold any data the user or administrator requires.
Update Connector Manager
Use Update Connector Manager to quickly and easily gather
information about various updates that are available for your
client systems. Once available updates are discovered, use
Update Connector Manager to apply updates to your sys-
tems remotely. Updates can be applied to individual sys-
tems, or you can apply multiple updates to multiple systems,
all from Netfinity Manager. You can also use Update Con-
nector Manager to remove previously applied updates.
Update Connector Manager also includes a scheduler that
you can use to discover, apply, or remove updates automati-
cally and periodically.
Web Manager Configuration
Use the Web Manager Configuration service to limit access
to the Netfinity Manager for Web to user-specified TCP/IP
host or ranges of TCP/IP host addresses. Enable or disable
the Netfinity Manager for Web and specify the TCP/IP port
number to which the Netfinity Manager Web server func-
Delaying Netfinity Manager startup on
OS/2 systems
In some cases, it might be necessary for you to delay the
automatic startup of the Netfinity Manager Network Interface
(NETFBASE.EXE) in order to allow other time-sensitive
applications to start up correctly or to allow your system to
fully configure itself prior to beginning network operations.
NETFBASE.EXE includes a parameter (WAIT) that you can
use to specify the number of seconds that NETFBASE.EXE
will wait before starting.
During Netfinity Manager installation, the Netfinity Manager
Network Interface object is placed in the Startup folder. To
configure Netfinity Manager to wait a specified number of
seconds before starting:
1. Shut down the Netfinity Manager Network Interface if it
is running.
2. Open the Startup folder.
3. Using the right mouse button, click the Netfinity Man-
ager Network Interface object. This will open the Net-
finity Manager Network Interface context menu.
4. Click Settings to open the Netfinity Manager Network
Interface Settings notebook.
5. In the Parameters field type